When teachers talk, we listen.

We have hundreds of testimonials from happy teachers!

“Quaver is a music curriculum which is engaging, energetic, and interactive. Students come to music class asking, “Are we doing Quaver today?” because this program has discovered the secret to making students want to know more. It reaches the digital learner which all of our students have become. Quaver is also continuing to improve and update their curriculum based on input from teachers. What more can you ask of a music curriculum?”

Elaine Thomas
Fine Arts Director, Retired
Dallas ISD

“Quaver Curriculum has allowed us to take our elementary music programs to another level of success by giving us both depth and rigor in the curriculum, the ability to integrate technology into all our lessons, and aligning our instruction across several campuses. Their SECOND TO NONE customer support and training has made moving to the curriculum both easy and seamless for all our teaching staff, and we look forward to working with them for years to come.”

David Zahrndt
Fine Arts Director
Red Oak ISD

“We worked collaboratively to insure teachers that there is a way to merge the Quaver curriculum with our Irving ISD curriculum expectations – following scope and sequence and addressing the TEKS. One of the things that we really appreciated was the staff development that Quaver offered to familiarize our teachers with the program components. There are so many options for teachers, that it helped having Quaver walk them through the planning of lessons and actual activities in a hands on format with singing, recorders and various instruments.”

Gayla Lawrence
Fine Arts Director
Irving ISD

“Keep it coming, Quaver. You’ve opened up an entirely new environment for music education. It’s a brave Quaver world!”

John Clawson
Lometa School
Lometa, TX

“My 4th graders are LOVING Bandar Mama. In my many years of teaching I never taught this song (I always used Shri Ram Jai Ram for something from India) and my students and I are both loving it. And my students who are from India are THRILLED. I love team teaching with Quaver.”

Christine Barnett
Hebron Valley Elementary
Carollton, TX

“It was nice having the Peer Gynt / Dynamics content. Both items are in our curriculum map. I was able to present it in a way that engaged the 1st graders. They took turns reading the plot on the comic strip slides. Then we discussed the instruments, dynamics and tempo heard that created the emotions and actions in our minds. Critical thinking was happening all over the room, which would have made our principal very proud!”

Tammy Thiele
Jackie Mae Townsell Elementary
Irving, TX

“I had four students showcase their QComposer and QBack beat projects at our districts annual TechnoExpo tonight. It was really cool. The parents and other people really enjoyed the presentations!”

Marie Nassiff
Prairie View Elementary
Rhome, TX

“Quaver is really helping me teach my students more efficiently this year and with better engagement. As good as my instruction was, this catapults our learning to a new level. Thanks, Quaver!”

Karen Juarez
Brown Elementary
Irving, TX

“The lessons are helping me teach more grade level content, within each grade level. Quaver is amazing!”

Cindy Pruitt Brown
Casa View Elementary
Dallas, TX