Quaver Curriculum

Quaver’s Texas Curriculum for Grades K-8

Quaver’s Curriculum includes:

  • A complete year of engaging lessons for each grade level with a flexible 30-90 minutes of content per lesson
  • A searchable library of resources including over 1,100 songs, engaging video elements, unlimited printing permissions for sheet music, and much more
  • Customization functionality to allow for lesson adjustment and additional resources (YouTube clips, teacher-owned MP3s, and more)

Quaver’s K-5 General Music Curriculum

The Texas QK-5 Curriculum is the only K-5 music curriculum certified by TEA to receive 100% TEKS Compliance and is recommended under Proclamation 2015. Each fully-developed Texas QK-5 Lesson is a combination of teacher-led, interactive tools that have students keyed into the day’s concepts from the second class begins. From interactive whiteboard elements to song-based activities for every type of learner, Texas QK-5 lessons are rich in content students will love and educators will love to teach!

Project-Based 6-8 Grade Curriculum

Our fully-digital Q6-8 curriculum includes fourteen multi-session group projects, across the three grade levels that help extend the foundations learned in elementary school to get students composing, performing, and responding to music in their daily lives. Even your non-band and non-choir students will be motivated and learn to LOVE music. Teachers and students will have a blast with these projects – and with the ability to customize, shorten, or extend the project to suit your needs – there’s truly no limit to what teachers can do with Q6-8 in their classroom.

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Official Review

Official Reviewers can log in to the full Curriculum using the credentials you received to see how Quaver meets and exceeds state and national requirements.

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