Quarterly Content Updates

An online curriculum is a living, breathing resource which is continually supported, supplemented and updated. We love our products and are constantly improving them, so at no cost to our customers, we update content, features and functionality at least four times a year. And every update happens behind the scenes, with no action required by our teachers, schools or districts!

All updates that impact TEKS Correlations are submitted to TEA for approval before reaching your account.

So you can be confident the resources you’re using are from the latest, greatest, TEKS-aligned Quaver Curriculum through the life of your license!

Some recent updates:

Teacher Recording Screen

The Teacher Recording screen stores a video of you, the Teacher, in your Resource Manager, where it can be used in a lesson or assignment. Deliver instructions for a sub to use if you’re absent or provide engaging instruction for an at-home assignment!

Multimedia Screen

The Multimedia Screen features several color and font options and the ability to resize and move content around the screen. Once saved, you can insert a Multimedia screen in any lesson or assignment.

Resource Creation Menu
Save time customizing with our Resource Creation menu! You can easily add your favorite YouTube video, PDFs, audio files and more to any Quaver lesson.

See a full list of updates on Quaver’s Info Center.