Curriculum Tutorial

How to Use a Curriculum Lesson

Watch Quaver Trainer Emmy demonstrate Quaver’s Texas Curriculum in a classroom setting!

This tutorial will show you how easy it is to find your way through a Curriculum Lesson!

The Lesson Menu

There are many options on the Lesson menu:

A. View the Lesson Overview

B. View the Lesson Objectives


C. View the Teacher Lesson Plan

D. View the printable Lesson Worksheets

E. To Launch a specific Lesson Screen, select the Lesson Screen, and click the LAUNCH button towards the right.

Launch a Lesson

 F. To Launch an entire Lesson from the beginning, click the LAUNCH button towards the left.

How to Navigate Through a Lesson

It’s easy to use our Curriculum Lessons. Everything you need is just a click away. Here are the main buttons you’ll use:


That’s it! You’re ready to dive in and experience the Quaver Curriculum for yourself!